What We Do

AI Models Supported Through the AI Lifecycle

Our diverse crowd promises unbiased AI data for fair and equitable projects.

Step 1: Data Sourcing

Step 2: Data Preparation

Step 3: Partner for Model Development

Our Strategic Partners

Data for AI Lifecycle is our specialty, and we choose to partner with the industry experts in cloud computing when it comes to model training and deployment. Our partners are leading technology and services companies you can leverage to build end-to-end AI solutions. Whether it’s your in-house team of engineers and data scientists, or you choose to work with our strategic technology partners, we provide your team with the data to train and deploy AI models.

Step 4: Model Evaluation by Humans

We offer real-world model performance validation and tuning across a range of use cases and demographics. We can provide more realistic, real world set ups to test your AI system, by introducing dynamic elements so that the testing environment more closely reflects real-world deployment environments. With industry benchmarks, we can compare model performance to competitors to ensure you are able to receive best-in-class results.

Secure Data

Enterprise-level security to protect sensitive client data