AI Models Supported Through the AI Lifecycle

Our diverse crowd promises unbiased AI data for fair and equitable projects.

Platform Delivery Models

The crowd is an online community of people from every corner of the world coming together to create something huge. They’re an amazingly diverse group of individuals—students and professionals, mothers and veterans, teachers and gamers—each with a unique perspective to contribute to our global workforce.


Micro Tasks

Survey & Data Collection

Simple tasks such as surveys or record your voice with your mobile device

Experience-Driven Tech

Technology backed by 25+ years of expertise.


Experience-Driven Tech

Technology backed by 25+ years of expertise.


Our Culture

A values-centric culture is vital to our mission to help build better AI
by creating large volumes of high-quality training data faster.


Performance is having the focus and agility to achieve quality outcomes and exceed expectations. You never stop learning, and challenge yourself every day, while maintaining a healthy perspective and balance.


Humility is being part of a team, giving credit and showing gratitude to others for their contributions, seeking diverse perspectives, and, not being afraid to ask for help when you don’t know something.


Honesty is being a truth-teller in a respectful way, taking accountability for your actions, and communicating with integrity with each other, our customers, our crowd and ourselves.


Grit is about taking ownership, not giving up, finding creative solutions, and, having the courage to succeed. Grit and resilience give you the confidence and determination to achieve your goals.

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