Global Crowd of 300+

The crowd is what makes us completely unique.

Global Crowd

The crowd is an online community of people from every corner of the world coming together to create something huge. They’re an amazingly diverse group of individuals—students and professionals, mothers and veterans, teachers and gamers—each with a unique perspective to contribute to our global workforce.

300+ contributors

Access to a curated crowd of more than 300 flexible contributors worldwide

10+ countries

Crowd contributors working in 10+ countries

5+ languages

Expertise in more than 5+ languages and dialects

1+ million judgements

Over 1 million judgments made and 10000 images and datasets collected

Crowd Capabilities

Our diverse crowd promises unbiased AI data for fair and equitable projects.

The crowd is what makes us completely unique. Spanning 10+ countries, speaking 5+ languages and dialects, we’ve assembled a crowd that’s unmatched. Select from various crowd options to suit your needs, with the talented group of global contributors, capable of advanced data labeling with specific cultural and social nuances.

Our Crowd Code of Ethics

We are committed to providing opportunities to a global workforce with a focus on equity, inclusivity, and well-being.

Teleminer Subject Matter Experts

Get access to the content you need from the people you’re looking for through a crowd curated just for you.

Quality Results

Human intelligence from a global crowd + expert service = high-quality training data for your ML projects.