AI Models Supported Through the AI Lifecycle

Our diverse crowd promises unbiased AI data for fair and equitable projects.

Unlock Generative AI with Teleminer

Power exceptional customer experiences with our industry-leading products, depth of expertise and unmatched global team of AI Training Specialists. We’re your trusted data partner, enabling the most innovative companies to execute world-class AI initiatives.

Delivering Quality Data for the AI Lifecycle

80% of your AI efforts will be spent managing data. Teleminer supports data sourcing, data preparation, and real-world model-evaluation needs, enabling you to launch with confidence and saving you time to focus on your top priorities.


Data Preparation

Pre-Labeled Datasets: We offer immediate access to 250+ pre-labeled datasets allowing you to jump-start and accelerate your AI projects.

Data Collection: We have extensive experience with large scale custom data collections covering audio, image, testing, sentiment, and point of interest. Utilize our global crowd and secure locations to source new and unique training data, allowing you to train your models on data specific to your use case and target markets.

Synthetic Data: Leverage our data products and expertise to artificially generate data enabling you to access difficult to obtain or edge case data.


Data Preparation

Data Annotation: Leverage the combination of our innovative data annotation platform and global crowd to create the highest-quality training data for your ML projects. chip.

Data Labeling: provides faster data annotation at scale with ML-assisted annotation tools (91.5% improved contributor productivity; 10% improved annotation quality). storage

Knowledge Graphs & Ontology Mapping: Work with our knowledge graph and linguist experts to design taxonomies and ontologies that will deliver the optimal results for graph-based deep learning.


Data Preparation

We partner with global leaders to assist in your model building and deployment needs.


Model Evaluation by Humans​

Model Evaluation: Understand how your model works in the real world by testing with a representative sample of target users.

AI System Benchmarking: Compare model performance to competitors to ensure best-in-class results.

Launch with Confidence

The Teleminer Difference

Teleminer is a game changer in data for the AI Lifecycle.

With more than 5 years of experience in data sourcing, data annotation, and model evaluation, we enable organizations to launch the innovative artificial intelligence systems.

Our expertise includes a global crowd of more than 300 skilled contractors who speak 5+ languages, in more than 25 locations in 10 countries, and the industry’s most advanced AI-assisted data annotation platform. Our products and services give leaders in technology, automotive, financial services, retail, healthcare, and government the confidence to launch world-class AI projects.

State-of-the-Art Privacy & Security

On-site secure data annotation and collection capabilities in Europe, US and Asia Global work-from-home secure workspaces and single sign-on capabilities Data privacy and security compliant, holding all major accreditations and certifications

High-Quality Results Delivered Consistently

Expertise to deliver high-quality results at scale for long-standing customers Reduced bias in results thanks to our global crowd of more than 300 in 10+ countries Built-in features that monitor and improve quality during and after annotations

Easy to use Data for the AI Lifecycle

Variety of delivery models, ranging from self-service on our platform to fully outsourced Intuitive Graphical User Interface with annotation job templates and 24/7 support Powerful API integrations to connect into your existing MLOps infrastructure

Proven Ability to Scale Large Data Batches Across All Use Cases

More than 5 years of working with the most innovative AI companies Broad and deep data modality support More than 300 crowd contributors provide unmatched diversity and scalability

High-Quality Training Data Accessible at Greater Speed

Pre-Labeling: powered by machine learning models to increase data annotation speed Speed Labeling: powered by machine learning models to increase throughput of annotations Workflows: to automate complex multistep tasks and sequential jobs

Expertise and a Commitment to Deliver

5+ years delivering data with state-of-the-art technology. Teleminer has developed specialized capabilities that are embedded in products and processes to deliver with superior quality and speed.